Logo Symbioz 4.0


  • Industry 4.0 sequential valve gate controller capable of driving Flow Driver valves.
  • Advanced sequential controller with the ability to drive valve gates by time, screw position and mold sensor events.
  • Two-way communication provides the ability to trigger machine switchover by mold sensor events.
  • Up to 20 valve gate control signals available.
  • Reads valve pin position signals.
  • Reads injection molding machine signals (start of injection, switchover, screw position, dosing signal).
  • Reads mold sensors (pressure and temperature sensors).
  • Records complete cycle and sensor information for enhanced quality and problem diagnosis.
  • Intuitive user interface with win is’tech psp software.
  • Multivariate process monitoring for automated quality control.
  • Remote access and control through pc connection (from outside the plant, including by RUNIPSYS).
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