Runipsys is a family owned group founded in 1994 by Stéphane Delachaux.
Today, Stéphane Delachaux remains the main shareholder of the group.

The name Runipsys stands for RUNner Injection Plastic SYStem.

The Runipsys group is fully focused on Automotive large and medium hot runner systems, with a clear focus on SEQUENTIAL VALVE GATE SYSTEMS.
We are therefore SPECIALISTS: our team focuses every day on improving our sequential systems and the services we provide to the automotive industry.


Our worldwide teams act like one, focusing on our customer satisfaction. Wherever your Runipsys hot runner is manufactured, our service teams will service the system promptly. Our warranty is valid worldwide.

Our products are supplied PLUG AND PLAY, fully wired and piped, ready for mold implementation and serial production.

We are proud to manufacture HIGH QUALITY systems at a competitive price.

Runipsys invests massively in R&D to adapt it’s systems to our customer’s forever evolving demands. Our solutions are customer focused and innovating.