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  • Cylinders are in-line with nozzles.
  • No cooling required on hot half plates.
  • Maximum mold support (no cable trunk).
  • Compact thickness : 105 to 150 mm (4.134” to 5.905”).
  • Easy assembly and maintenance including guide pins.
  • Nozzle tip, valve pin and bushing indexed (will always be in accurate position).
  • Protected and separated electric and hydraulic components.
  • Superior rheology inside the manifold : free manifold shape.
  • High performance tip technology for aesthetical or glass fiber reinforced parts .
  • Available in hydraulic 100 bar, 50 bar and pneumatic.


  • 2k molds
  • Lateral injection
  • Fast color change
  • Technical materials
  • Unfavorable L/Z ratio
  • Flow control & Flow driver
  • Wood or textile overmolding
  • Long glass fiber material (lgf)
logo modulflow
logo modulflow
logo modulflow
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