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  • Automatic mechanical transfer nozzle without waste : only requires clamp force, very easy to use, reliable and leak proof.
  • Transfer nozzle position is designed to suit your application: in the center or at the bottom of the mold.
  • Cylinders are offset with nozzles : no cooling required.
  • Maximum mold support (no cable trunk)
  • Very compact middle plate thickness : 132 to 210mm (5.196” to 8.267”).
  • Easy assembly and maintenance including guide pins.
  • Nozzle tip, valve pin and bushing indexed (will always be in accurate position).
  • Superior rheology inside the manifold : free manifold shape.
  • Available in shifted nozzles version (one manifold) and opposite nozzles version (two manifolds).
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stepflow double obturation
stepflow double obturation
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