Logo Optimax Runipsys

A Coolant Free Cable Track Solution for Sequential Hot Runner Systems

Optimax is a pre-wired, pre-piped system which includes all the mechanical, thermal and hydraulic components of a standard sequential valve gate system


            • Cylinders are offset from nozzle axis with no direct contact with the manifold: No cooling required
            • Good mold support when the cable track is designed to run outside the mold cavity plate
            • Compact thickness: 125 mm
            • Easy assembly and maintenance with a rigid cable track design
            • Nozzle tip, valve pin and guide bushing indexed (maintains the original pin and tip alignments after servicing)
            • Superior rheology inside the manifold: free manifold shape
            • High performance tip technology for esthetic or glass fiber reinforced parts

Optimax system

No cooling

Compact design

Rigid cabletrunk