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Runipsys’ Premier Coolant Free Hot Half Solution for Sequential Hot Runner Systems.
Modulflow is a self-contained third part of the mold which includes all of the standard mechanical, thermal and hydraulic/pneumatic components of a sequential hot runner and is optimized to provide industry leading mold support in sequential systems.

Mold making

            • Compact stack height of 120 mm (bushing C) to 140mm (Bushing A and B) with smaller stack heights of 60mm and 80mm if your design allows the valve drive units to be incorporated into the back/top plate.
            • Industry leading mechanical support to aid against parting line flashes
            • Quick and safe to assembly
            • Quick and simple with plates designed by Runipsys so your product will work out of the box.
            • Save on costs, machine the hot half plate in house and let Runipsys install it for you


            • Cylinder and plate do not require water cooling
            • Improve TRS rate of the plant
            • High technical performance in sequential injection
            • Value added improvements: best technical solution for 2K-injection, family tool, thin plate design and natural fiber


            • Simple and safe handling
            • Isolated hydraulic and electrical components
            • Hydraulic components designed directly into the back/top plate eliminating the need for disassembly and easily accessible line side.
            • Simple assembly and disassembly
            • High performance tip technology for aesthetic or glass fiber reinforced parts
            • Valve gates actuated by hydraulic (100 bar/1450 psi or 50 bar/725 psi max. pressures) or pneumatic power with our optional micro solenoid solution