An Inline Liquid Cooled Cable Track Solution for Sequential Hot Runner Systems
Coolflow is a pre-wired, pre-piped system which includes the mechanical, thermal and hydraulic/pneumatic components


  • Cylinders are in line with nozzles: cooling is required
  • Dual efficient cooling effect design utilizing both air and water flow
  • Excellent mold support when the cable track is designed to run outside the mold cavity plate
  • Compact manifold cavity plate stack height of 176 mm (bushing A,B, C); and if the design can incorporate the valve pin drive units into the back/top plate a stack height of 125 mm with a back/top plate thickness of 50 mm minimum.
  • Easy assembly and maintenance with rigid cable track design
  • Nozzle tip, valve pin and bushing indexed (maintains the original pin and tip alignments after servicing)
  • Superior rheology inside the manifold with a free manifold shape
  • High performance tip technology for aesthetic or glass fiber reinforced parts
  • Valve gates actuated by hydraulic 100 bar/1450 psi or 50 bar/725 psi max. pressures with optional micro solenoid control solution
CUT OUT coolflow

Double cooling technology

Compact design

Rigid cabletrunk