What you need to know about RUNIPSYS

About Runipsys

The RUNIPSYS group is an international company specialized in the engineering, design and production of sequential hot runner systems.

Founded in 1995 and located in Méry (Savoie, France), RUNIPSYS implements a strategy of innovation, development and proximity.
We forge solids partnerships with our customers, focusing on their needs and requirements, mainly in the automotive market but not only in this field. We also collaborate with the  Transportation, Mobility, Household Appliances or Construction sectors.

Our team offers you their expertise through all stages of your project :

  • Complete rheological studies including a real hot runner system
  • Solutions for specific applications
  • Advanced hot runner systems
  • Worldwide warranty and Customer Service

Our Products

Our products are supplied PLUG AND PLAY, fully wired and piped, ready for mold implementation and serial production.
  • ModulFlow : The industry leading compact system 105 to 150mm, hot half.
  • Optimax : Our pre-wired rigid cable trunk system, easy to maintain, machine and fix.
  • StepFlow : Our reliable system with reduced thickness for stack molds  132 to 210 mm.
  • CanalFlow : Our thermal gate system.
  • OneFlow : Our range of single nozzles, with thermal gate or with axial valve gate.

Find out more about our advanced solutions

Our solutions are developed to meet specific needs :

  • FlowDriver : To increase the process window and improve the quality of parts with a sequential hydraulic system. FlowDriver allows you to choose the speed and stroke of each obturator during the process.
  • FlowControl : Can be added to your existing RUNIPSYS hydraulic system to control the obturator opening speed.
  • Lateral Nozzle : The solution developed when nozzle inclination is necessary.
  • Hot runner system for Bi or Tri Materials Injection.

What's next ?

You now know more about RUNIPSYS group and its products.

We are constantly creating and innovating new products, solutions or technologies to meet all your requirements.

We have some news in the pipeline and we look forward to communicate about them in 2024 !

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