Lateral Nozzle

what is the Lateral nozzle ?

For optimum quality, a straight nozzle may not allow to position the gate on the right place due to a specific shape of the plastic part. The lateral nozzle will expand the implementation possibilities.

We have developed and standardized three advanced technical solutions to incline the nozzle :  the lateral nozzle, the inclined nozzle and the lateral manifold. The choice between them is determined by the type of part to be injected and the kinematic constraints of the mold.

We will define the most appropriate situation for preserving the structural rigidity of the mold.

Thanks to the proven leak-free solutions developed by RUNIPSYS, every conceivable angle between the manifold and the part can be considered.

which Angled solution For which use ?

THE angled or Lateral Nozzle

The lateral nozzle is assembled on a straight nozzle using a sealed “tip sliding” joint for an easy and safe assembly. It allows injection from 0°C to 90°C depending on your needs.

We typically provide this kind of nozzle for parts such as:

  •  Mudguard
  • Bumpers with large wings

the lateral manifold

A set of nozzles is assembled on a lateral manifold.

A good example of this application is:

  • Dashboard structure molds

the inclined nozzle

This solution is the answer for parts requiring a low inclination nozzle, less than 30° relative to the axis of a conventional nozzle.

This system is suitable for many types of applications:

  • Bumper molds
  • All parts requiring a low inclination nozzle (< 30° relative to the axis of a conventional nozzle).

Maybe you've already seen them?

At the ExpoMetal Exhibition held in Portugal from 2 to 4 November 2023, we presented our advanced lateral nozzle Technology.

We have specially developed and assembled an Optimax with different standard angle lateral nozzles. This was an opportunity to demonstrate in detail the design of this cutting-edge, reliable technology.

We hope you didn’t miss this event !

Of course, we’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth! We look forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition.